All About Melissa: Tone & Sculpt's New Trainer

The Tone & Sculpt team is super excited to announce Melissa Kendter as their new expert trainer! Melissa’s training style is unique, empowering and fully embraces everything Tone & Sculpt stands for: every day is a beautiful day to move your body!
All About Melissa: Tone & Sculpt's New Trainer

The Tone & Sculpt team is super excited to announce Melissa Kendter as their new expert trainer! Melissa’s training style is unique, empowering and fully embraces everything Tone & Sculpt stands for: every day is a beautiful day to move your body!

Based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, fitness, sports and health have always been an intrinsic part of Melissa’s lifestyle. An avid runner, Melissa has always loved taking to the road to run, feel free, creative and full of energy! From a young age, Melissa has always played competitive sports and enjoys staying active and fit. Training has always been a habit and one she has fully integrated into her lifestyle. Melissa has made it her mission to empower others through fitness, to help them reach their full potential and to help them create sustainable, healthy habits.

Melissa graduated with a degree in Media and Communications. Whilst at college, she continued to play competitive sports and train, however nearing graduation she realised she did not want to leave a life of fitness behind. She wanted to help people feel better, move better and move more often for their physical and mental well-being. Melissa strongly believes everyone can benefit from movement tailored to them and their goals. She continued her studies and qualified as a Personal Trainer and Functional Training Specialist. Melissa started her career holding one-to-one personal training sessions and group fitness sessions to help people reach their full potential, physically and mentally.

Melissa's Why

Growing up, Melissa became aware of those around her struggling with certain ailments and a reduction in their mobility, strength and overall energy. For Melissa, fitness has always been an outlet and key remedy for mental and physical health, so she has made it her mission to help people understand how to move their bodies in a way that works for them. She believes your journey to bettering your health should be enjoyable, empowering and lasting.

Along the way, Melissa’s love for the outdoors and running continued to grow. She can’t stress enough the benefits of fresh air, outdoor training and a love for the mental and physical stamina running and weight training can bring into your life! For Melissa it’s never been about being the best, the fastest or the strongest in the crowd; health and fitness is individual and is yours to embrace, nurture and enjoy! It is about being the strongest YOU can be, being the fastest YOU can be, being the best YOU can be…and she will help you get there.

ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Functional Training Specialist, Melissa is determined to help women understand the importance of movement for their mind and body. Melissa’s lifelong experiences with health and fitness have made her truly grateful for the ability to move and enjoy the energy a healthy mind and body gives her, no matter what each day may bring. That is why she tells her clients every day, ‘it’s a beautiful day to move our bodies!’

Through her social media channels, Melissa has reached thousands of women across the world and brought them into her community. She is determined to encourage women all across the world to be the best version of themselves, whatever each day may bring, commit to building sustainable healthy habits, championing each other as a team, and know that it’s always a beautiful day to move our bodies. Melissa believes every woman deserves the right to a healthy, happy and energetic body; she aims to make fitness synonymous with femininity, which completely echoes Tone & Sculpt’s values.

Melissa’s programme: Commit

Melissa brings a decade’s worth of experience in the fitness industry, along with a unique, hybrid training style, based on endurance and functional strength training. Her training style is designed to help you improve your body's endurance, strength, core stability and overall performance, to help you go the distance inside and outside the gym.

Melissa’s programme COMMIT, suitable for all levels of fitness, combines a versatile range of movement patterns and exercises which help women find a sense of balance, discipline, empowerment and to make a commitment to themselves!

Melissa’s workout programme can be performed at the gym or at home, with a combination of functional strength training and bodyweight exercises. The range of training styles used throughout the program will keep workouts exciting. Over the course of 16 weeks, you will learn to build consistency, structure, and integrate fitness into your lifestyle so it becomes a lifelong habit.

Welcome to the familia, Melissa!

We can’t wait for you to join Melissa’s programme on the Tone & Sculpt app and commit to doing this for you and only you! Melissa is all about teamwork and encouraging women across the world that confidence, movement and energy can be a part of their lives - and we are totally here for it!

All About Melissa: Tone & Sculpt's New Trainer
Zahara Chowdhury

Zahara Chowdhury is an author at Tone & Sculpt

Written on
Nov 04, 2021