Tone & Sculpt Expert Level: All You Need To Know

The Tone & Sculpt Expert Level is accessible to anyone who subscribes to the app on the website, via the App Store or Google Play. It can also be accessed if you download the app to use the 14-day free trial.
Tone & Sculpt Expert Level: All You Need To Know

The Tone & Sculpt Expert Level is accessible to anyone who subscribes to the app via the App Store or Google Play. It can also be accessed if you download the app to use the 7-day free trial (highly recommended and you’ll hit subscribe before the week is up!). The Expert Guide is something we are extremely excited about! Like we always say at Tone & Sculpt HQ, we want to provide an app that is tailored and relevant to all fitness and wellbeing goals: the Expert Guide is yet another great stepping stone to building our vision and providing the best possible service we can for all of you lovely people!

If you’ve been with us from the beginning, you’ll know Krissy and the team have designed and released highly effective phases to guide you through your fitness journey as you progress and develop, going from strength to strength! The Expert Level now builds upon the advanced guide for those of you physically and mentally ready to work with your girl, Krissy and take that body and mind to a whole other level! You’ve all followed Krissy’s workouts from the very beginning and the Expert Level is one she has very carefully put together based on her own recent workouts. That’s right, you’ll be working out like yours truly! Rest assured, the team at Tone & Sculpt have worked their way through all the guides and phases. Like our wonderful community, we are always working hard and the Expert Guide challenges those who are at the peak of their game to push harder!

You can access and train with the Expert Level just like you would any other phase or level on the app. Simply choose whether you would like to workout at the gym or at home (yes, Expert exists for those of us who prefer to train within the comfort of our own homes!), whether you want to train 3 or 5 days a week and leave the rest of the magic to the app! The selected programme will appear in your schedule and you are ready to go!

For the home guide, the only ‘extra’ bit of equipment that you would find particularly useful are a pair of dumbbells. However, if you are unable to get hold of a pair, do not worry! There are plenty of alternative exercises that can be substituted in, or grab a couple of water bottles, tins of tomatoes or something you can hold to add some resistance. Like every other phase, both guides contain useful videos and informative descriptions telling you how to complete each exercise. The timer is so useful to help you stay on track measure your rest breaks and no need to flip between your clock and the app!

There are some killer workouts with a great variety of exercises to really get you thinking and feeling strong! Be prepared for a few 10 set rounds...yep, no word of a lie, Krissy isn’t kidding when she says this level will push you to your limits! However, we don’t want you to be afraid to try the guide and challenge yourself. We strongly recommend starting where you feel comfortable in the app, whether that be Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced and working your way up to Expert level. This is very much to do with your wellbeing: we want you to challenge yourselves, but equally be safe and motivated to keep going! Remember, fitness is not a race - take it at your own pace, tailor the workouts to what works for you as you are doing this for you! We love our slogan because it speaks the genuine truth and we want to continually remind you that every level, meal and feature of the app is created and designed with you in mind. Along with Expert Level, you can add different workouts, meals and your hydration levels to your tracker too. Equally, if you are unable to complete a workout on the day specified, don’t sweat! You can easily move it to when suits you best and continue to keep track of your training plan. The Tone & Sculpt app has made fitness so accessible and now with Expert Level, there is something for everyone at every stage of your fitness journey.

We really hope you enjoy and reap the benefits from the Expert Level as much as we are - the variety, challenge and drive behind each set and combination will keep you going and excited to reach and achieve every workout at Expert Level! Please let us know how you get on and don’t forget to tag @toneandsculptapp and @krissycela in your workouts and progress pictures! We can’t wait to hear about how much you’re loving all of our amazing updates!

Tone & Sculpt Expert Level: All You Need To Know
Krissy Cela

Co-founder and lead trainer Krissy Cela has designed the Tone & Sculpt home & gym workouts with guides to suit all fitness levels.

Written on
Nov 04, 2021