Back Exercises That Do Not Require Equipment

Back Exercises That Do Not Require Equipment

This year has been a really different one when it comes to our health and fitness. For a lot of us, our workout and fitness routines changed substantially which caused a lot of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty.

For a while (or still currently), we had/have to get used to home workouts, use the outdoors for our workouts more often, and think a little more abstractly. For most of our muscle groups, we are able to find alternative exercises to do at home that don’t require any equipment.

The back is a part of the body that a lot of people struggle with when it comes to finding alternative exercises to do at home to sustain muscle strength.

Most back exercises usually require a pull movement with weight included to gain strength.
However, there are always alternatives, and after some research, I found some of the most effective.

Here are 5 of the best back workouts you can do at home that do not require any equipment:


  • Muscles Used: pectorals (the chest), deltoids (the shoulders), triceps (the back of the arm)
  • How to perform (instructions from T&S app):

    1. Begin with hands placed directly under your shoulders and feet slightly wider than hip-width distance apart on the floor.
    2. Step legs behind with feet together and toes curled under, then lift hips up and keep your chest in front of hands.
    3. Maintain a straight line from the head through heel and maintain this line throughout the movement.
    4. Lower chest to a couple of inches off the floor. Aim to go as low as you can, to access your full range of motion.
    5. Push palms into the floor and extend arms to press the body back up to the starting position.


  • Muscles Used: triceps, deltoids, pectorals, rhomboids (back muscle)
  • How to perform (instructions from T&S app):

    1. Start by placing a chair, bench, or box behind you and grip onto the edge of it while facing away from it.
    2. Slowly lower your body by bending at the elbows until you lower yourself far enough to where there is an angle slightly smaller than 90 degrees. Try to keep your elbows tucked in as much as possible.
    3. Use your triceps to lift your body back to the starting position.


  • Muscles Used: abdominals and obliques (abs), deltoids, rhomboids, glutes
  • How to perform:

    1. Start in the plank position.
    2. Engage your core as you lift and extend your right arm out to the side whilst in the plank position.
    3. Once you’ve fully extended your arm out to the side, bring your arm back to the original plank position.
    4. Repeat the same movement with your left arm.


  • Muscles Used: Back muscles, glutes, hamstrings (back of the leg), deltoids, lower back
  • How to perform:

    1. Lie face down on your stomach with your arms by your side and legs extended in a neutral position.
    2. Keeping your arms straight, but not locked, and torso stationery, simultaneously lift your arms and legs up toward to ceiling to form an elongated “u” shape with your body - back arches and arms and legs lift several inches off the floor.
    3. Hold for 2-5 seconds and lower back down to complete one rep.
    4. Repeat.


  • Muscles Used: Back muscles, shoulders
  • How to perform:

    1. Begin by taking a towel and closing it into the door or somewhere secure. You can perform this movement on anything that holds your entire weight while leaning back (barbell, rope, TRX rope, fence, handlebar, etc.)
    2. Grip the item with your palms facing down.
    3. Grab the item while standing up, and slowly lean back with straight legs and straight arms until you are at a 45-degree angle.
    4. Slowly pull your tightened body towards the item by pulling your weight with your back.
    5. Contract your back while pulling yourself up by pulling with your back rather than your biceps. Focus on bringing your shoulder blades together.
    6. Slowly lower yourself back down to the starting position at 45 degrees with arms and legs straight and gripping the item. Lower with a controlled negative movement and repeat.

Doing 15 reps and 3 sets of each will give you a killer workout that will leave you sore the next few days!
I hope all of you have found a routine that works for you and you have been able to adapt to all of the crazy changes in this world.

Remember, do this for YOU and keep your mental and physical health a priority! ♥

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Back Exercises That Do Not Require Equipment
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Written on
Nov 04, 2021