Beat Your Best: All You Need To Know

The Tone & Sculpt mission is to support all women across the globe build habits for life. We are on a mission to make fitness a sustainable and permanent lifelong choice that does nothing but spur you on to live every day at your best!
Beat Your Best: All You Need To Know

The Tone & Sculpt mission is to support all women across the globe build habits for life. We are on a mission to make fitness a sustainable and permanent lifelong choice that does nothing but spur you on to live every day at your best! No matter what’s going on in the world, at work or at home, we want you to know the Tone & Sculpt app and community will never let you down.

Our next 30-day challenge, Beat Your Best, starting on the 12th April, is designed to do just that – there is no gym ceiling you cannot break and power through to quite literally, be your best self!

Our Trainers, Krissy and Danyele, sat down post the success of the January Kickstart challenge to think just how they can continue to support our wonderful Tone & Sculpt familia of athletes. The Kickstart challenge supported thousands of women around the world to make time for themselves every day – to focus on the foundations of making fitness a habit.

Now, your trainers want to support you to sustain these habits through the 30 day Beat Your Best challenge: to show you the positive differences and progress you can make on a daily basis by pushing your limits with consistency, discipline and a winning mindset!

What is the Beat your Best challenge?

Beat Your Best is a benchmark progression challenge. On April 12th you will complete a specific workout designed by either Krissy or Danyele, depending on whose challenge you have chosen. You will monitor and record your performance in the app.

On the 12th May you will repeat the benchmark workout and rejoice in the progress you have made across 30 days – we’re here to show you all of your hard work and consistency does pay off!

Which challenge do I choose?

Think about your current, medium term fitness needs. Is it endurance? Or is it power?

Krissy’s challenge

Designed with endurance in mind, Krissy’s challenge is designed to improve your cardiovascular strength and stamina. Krissy is determined to show you the point at which you feel like you’re done with a workout or exercise, is only just the beginning! And, it’s a beginning you will embrace, push through and KEEP GOING!

With a combination of HIIT, AMRAP, circuit and interval training, Krissy’s challenge will train your mind and body to build the stamina and endurance necessary to power through every workout.

Danyele’s challenge

Danyele wants her athletes to know they have the physical and mental power to perform at their best every single day. In true athlete style, Danyele’s challenge will focus on speed, agility and strength – three fundamental components of harnessing an athlete mindset.

Danyele’s challenge will train your body to perform like a powerful athlete for every workout you complete and to build the training mindset of an athlete too.

This time your trainers have ensured no one has a reason to miss out. With beginner and advanced options, this challenge is designed with every single person in mind.

Krissy’s beginner challenge comprises 5 daily challenges and 2 rest days. The advanced challenge comprises 6 daily challenges and 1 rest day. Danyele’s challenge comprises 5 daily challenges and 2 rest days for the advanced AND beginner levels.

Plus, the Tone & Sculpt app offers alternatives for any exercises you are unable to perform, whatever the reason. We’ve thought of everything! Each workout also features mobility and dynamic recoveries to ensure you’re taking care of your physical and mental strength too – a very important part to Beat Your Best!  

Preparation is key

Our trainers lead by example and all workouts and routines are pre planned so that they need not worry for the week ahead. With that in mind, it is super important you select the trainer, challenge and level of your choice by 11th April 23:59 (GMT). If you’re a little indecisive (quite frankly, both challenges are fantastic!) you have until the 12th April to chop and change your mind, but once the challenge begins, you’re set!

You must opt in to the challenge by the 11th April 23:59 (GMT) and the magic of the app will populate your workout planner with the daily challenge. As we like to keep you on your toes at Tone & Sculpt, you won’t be able to look ahead – we want you to focus on the present and perform at your best for the day in question – in that moment, nothing else matters but the need to be your best! This way, you can work to beat your best on a daily basis!

Beat Your Best complements your workout split!

Whether you’re new to Tone & Sculpt, on a 14 day free trial or an experienced user of the app, the challenge complements your workout split. It is not designed to replace your daily or weekly workouts, it sits alongside them. However, if you are new to the app and community, use it as an opportunity to immerse yourself into the wonderful, empowering familia of female athletes!

Do I do this instead of my chosen guide?

The Beat Your Best challenge has been designed to sit alongside your current guide to push yourself to beat your best. No matter which guide you are completing, you can choose either challenge – it does not matter if your guide trainer is Krissy or Danyele! Use the challenge to keep your workout schedule interesting and to make those fitness habits increasingly fresh!

This challenge is unique in that your trainers have incorporated your mind, body, performance, discipline and habitual efforts into every workout. Tone & Sculpt trainers share the same philosophy – fitness is a habit that takes you from strength to strength. It isn’t a novelty, or something you just ‘do’. It is part of who you are and ultimately enhances all areas of your life. It brings our community together and we hope through the Beat Your Best challenge, our community grows better, together!

Feel free to invite your friends and family
– we can’t wait to get started! Any questions? Check out our FAQs and keep an eye on the Tone & Sculpt Instagram page too!

Beat Your Best: All You Need To Know
Zahara Chowdhury

Zahara Chowdhury is an author at Tone & Sculpt

Written on
Nov 04, 2021