When Is The Best Time To Train

When Is The Best Time To Train

Morning, afternoon, evening, night time, when should I train?

This is a question I see everywhere and I thought I would do some research and give you guys the best answer I could!
I have always been curious if there is actually some science behind it. ♥

And there definitely is!
To start off, it depends on the person, their schedule, and what is possible for them.

Working out at some point within the day is better than not working out at all.
We all have busy schedules, different lives, maybe you’re in school, or working a full-time job.

Maybe you have kids or maybe you have a busy social life.

We all have different things that occupy our day and getting some movement in one way or another is always better than not, no matter the time.

What science is telling us

According to research, there are actual times in the day that may optimize our workouts and in turn, make them more productive.

All of our body’s have a certain clock, called the circadian rhythm, which controls our hormone levels, chemicals throughout our bodies, coordinates behavioral and physical activities, etc.

If the circadian rhythm is misaligned, the important sleep-wake cycle will be off as well as our chemistry, which can lead to different sleeping and behavioral disorders (Farhud & Aryan, 2018).

To say the least, our circadian rhythm is very important and has a big play in how our bodies operate.
It also plays a part in our body’s performance when it comes to training.

It is possible to retrain your circadian rhythm if necessary.

For example, if you want to start working out in the morning because that’s the only free time you have but you may feel that’s impossible because you “aren’t a morning person”, it would be a good idea to start going to bed an hour or two earlier, and over time your circadian rhythm will be retrained and it will feel more natural and easier.

It is possible to make time in the morning to work out if that is the only time you feel that you have.
Our body’s clock is flexible and adjustable.

Some scientists have found that exercise performance is correlated with body temperature, which peaks for most in the late afternoon, around 4 pm or 5 pm (Drust, Waterhouse, Atkinson, Edwards & Reilly, 2009).

Keep in mind there are other things that play into exercise performance, like age, the type of training being done, health status, the temperature of the environment, and diet.

As stated earlier, our body’s hormones are in sync with our body’s clock, which may affect things like our testosterone and cortisol levels.

According to further research, cortisol (a muscle breakdown hormone) and testosterone (a muscle builder hormone) levels are at their desired ratio in the evening where cortisol has decreased throughout the day and testosterone levels are still higher than cortisol.

In other words, working out in the evening assists in muscle growth as testosterone levels are still very prevalent, at least more so than cortisol (Seo, Lee, Kim, Soo Ko, Doo Rhee, Joo Park & Hin, 2013).


Wow, I’m really feeling like a researcher here!
I guess college has at least taught me how to read research articles!

In short, science says the early evening is the most effective and productive time in the day to workout.

However, as I said before, any workout is better than no workout and everyone’s body is different in the way that their circadian rhythm performs!

Also, everyone lives different lifestyles and comes from different backgrounds which affect the performance of the body.

I am always happy to be able to dig through some articles and give you some scientific information & research and I hope you find it helpful!
Just remember, keep doing you and get a workout in whenever you can, you’re killing it boo!

Don’t be too hard on yourself and your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

If you feel that working out in the evening is something that would cause stress, then find a time in the day that works best for you and makes you the happiest!

That is what really matters!
Do this for YOU! ♥

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When Is The Best Time To Train
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Nov 04, 2021