Commit With Melissa Kendter

Melissa Kendter, the Tone & Sculpt app’s latest elite trainer has revamped her program Commit to bring you not one, but two guides.
Commit With Melissa Kendter

Melissa Kendter, the Tone & Sculpt app’s latest elite trainer has revamped her program Commit to bring you not one, but two guides: Commit Hybrid and Commit Gym. Since Commit with Melissa went live on the Tone & Sculpt app, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of feedback from our community telling us they want more! Melissa has listened to every piece of feedback and we are super excited to announce two things: a brand new gym guide from Melissa, as well as additional weeks being added to her original program, Commit Hybrid.

What is Commit Gym?

Melissa’s method of training includes a hybrid of metabolic strength based training, aerobic workouts and core conditioning exercises to help you achieve your optimum level of fitness. Working on strength and stamina in every workout, Commit Gym will unleash your inner champion, improving your muscle symmetry and body composition.

Melissa has developed Commit Gym to offer the Tone & Sculpt community a training programme that resembles her specific workout style. Following on from her first launch on the Tone & Sculpt app, we know the community is now ready to level up and take their training one step further: to fully embrace every mental and physical challenge, and COMMIT to movement every single day.

There will still be a beginner stage for those new to training at the gym, which will support them to master perfect form and a variety of exercise styles including:

  • Supersets
  • Trisets
  • Aerobic exercise
  • Mobility
  • Resistance Training

...And so much more!

Commit Gym still gives you a choice between choosing a 3-day week or 5-day week workout split. Upper, lower and full body workouts last approximately 45-60 minutes and core conditioning workouts last for approximately 30 minutes. Each workout split is tailored to suit your lifestyle and will leave you feeling stronger, leaner and fitter.

What is Commit Hybrid?

Commit Hybrid combines resistance, stamina and cardiovascular training, designed for busy professionals and community members looking for the perfect, functional-fitness challenge from home. Commit Hybrid is also available across a 3-day and 5-day week workout split and can be completed anywhere in or around your home!

With the ability to complete Commit Hybrid with minimal equipment and maximum challenge, Melissa’s programme removes all barriers and excuses. Instead, she leaves you feeling determined to commit to your wellbeing on a daily basis.

Melissa is determined for you to embrace your love for exercise indoors and outdoors. Her programs are designed to make you feel strong and confident in every workout, while helping you become a confident runner too.

Commit Gym and Commit Hybrid bring you a combination of your foundation movements, complemented by Melissa’s upbeat training style. Her dynamic workout structures are designed with discipline and focus in mind, meaning ‘Commit’ will soon become an intrinsic feeling to your mind, body and personal training style.

Each programme has over 20 weeks of new and revamped workouts for beginner and intermediate levels. Melissa wants to coach you through every single movement and leave you feeling confident and successful after every exercise, so you feel able and ready to commit to the next workout. She’s pretty much thought of everything when it comes to dedicating time to your personal health!

Whether you choose Commit Gym or Commit Hybrid, we guarantee upbeat, fierce, focused and challenging workouts, which will strengthen you mentally and physically. Melissa’s training style is designed to help you maximise your efforts at the gym and at home effectively and efficiently. We can’t wait to see you progress and excel with Commit Hybrid and Commit Gym.

Join now at - we can’t wait to welcome you into our familia of athletes!

Commit With Melissa Kendter
Tone & Sculpt Team

Written on
Nov 09, 2021