The Tone & Sculpt 21 day Elevate Challenge 2021

Just in time for the summer, our Tone & Sculpt trainers are bringing you a brand new challenge, designed to elevate your fitness game and all in 21 days! This time, Krissy Cela, Danyele Wilson and Melissa Kendter are applying everything we advocate at Tone & Sculpt from consistency to building lifelong habits
The Tone & Sculpt 21 day Elevate Challenge 2021

Just in time for the summer, our Tone & Sculpt trainers are bringing you a brand new challenge, designed to elevate your fitness game and all in 21 days! This time, Krissy Cela, Danyele Wilson and Melissa Kendter are applying everything we advocate at Tone & Sculpt from consistency to building lifelong habits and packing them into our best challenge yet, starting July 19th 2021!

"You do your program for you, we do the challenges together as a community."

To sign up, simply login to the Tone & Sculpt app and select the banner at the top of your homepage to join the Elevate Challenge! From the 19th July, your main programme workouts will be replaced by challenge workouts.

This time round, you will be able to see your workouts a week in advance and because we know timing is unique for everyone, you will have the option to move the workouts around to suit you - just like your programme workouts. We have also created a 24 hour extension at the end of the 21 days in case you need a little more time to complete your challenge. We’ve got you every step of the way!

"You are 12 workouts away from elevating your fitness regime!"

What is the Elevate Challenge?

The Elevate Challenge, which begins on the 19th July 2021 and runs to the 8th August 2021, is a 21 day challenge that consists of 4 30-minute workouts across each week. In week one you Level up; in week 2 you Focus and in week 3 we help you reach the Finish line!

This challenge is our most accessible yet and the only equipment you need is a pair of dumbbells. It can be completed at home, in the gym or in the great outdoors! The challenge is a combination of circuit-style and interval based training.

Every trainer has designed their challenge to specialise in their own unique training style:

  • Krissy: Strength and Endurance
    Expect a combination of high intensity and strength based exercises, taking the best from Krissy’s Sculpt It and Strong programme philosophies. Over the 3 weeks, Krissy’s workouts will begin by targeting your full body and across weeks 2 and 3, her challenge will zoom in on particular muscle groups and step up the intensity level too. You’ll come out the other end feeling stronger, fitter and leaner!
  • Danyele: Strength and Conditioning
    A challenge designed for your inner athlete; working from the starting line and not losing a drop of opportunity, as Danyele says, even after you’ve crossed the finish line! Danyele’s challenge focuses on strengthening your movement patterns, improving your muscle strength and endurance and challenging your ability to go the extra mile with your body.

    Expect a mix of HIIT, functional strength, conditioning, plyometrics, core stability, speed and agility AND mobility. Over the course of 21 days you will feel stronger and more powerful day by day!
  • Melissa: Strength and Stamina
    Focusing on consistency, whilst showing your body the levels it is able to achieve, Melissa’s challenge will definitely elevate your fitness regime! A combination of muscular endurance, total body strength, mobility and stamina building exercises, Melissa’s challenge is great whether you are outdoors or at the gym. Like Commit by Melissa, the challenge focuses on improving your total body fitness, improving your overall muscular strength, conditioning and endurance, while boosting your energy and endorphins, helping you adhere to a workout routine this summer!

What makes the Elevate Challenge different?

Unlike our previous challenges, the Elevate Challenge replaces your current Tone & Sculpt training programme for 21 days. We believe it’s important to be consistent and train for longevity - and sometimes it helps to change things up a little. With our 3 week Elevate Challenge, you will add a different dynamic of training to your workout style to keep things interesting and to shake up your fitness regime!

And what’s even better? You can gain your stars with the Elevate Challenge! Yes, you read that right, with this challenge, every 30 minute workout completed - no matter which trainer you choose - is a star gained! If you’re well on your way to 50 stars, here are 12 workouts over the course of 21 days to make that golden number of 50 even more achievable!

Which challenge do I choose?

That is completely up to you and the information above about each challenge designed by our trainers will help with that decision. We do advise choosing the level you are currently working at, whether that be beginner, intermediate or advanced. However, if you fancy an extra challenge and are well into your intermediate or beginner programme, you can always push yourself to try the next level. Remember, there are alternatives for all exercises and we are always here to help and advise!

What happens after the challenge?

After the challenge your planner will automatically resume to your current guide - no workouts missed, the challenge simply elevates your fitness routine to help you feel stronger, fitter and more powerful!

The Tone & Sculpt Elevate Challenge is designed to quite literally elevate your body and mind, bringing the Tone & Sculpt community together. We want the community at Tone & Sculpt to continue to grow so feel free to welcome the wonderful women into your life! Make sure you tag us on socials in your challenge selfies, workouts and your challenge journey too! We love to see it! Registration for the Elevate Challenge opens 12th July 2021 - we can’t wait for you to experience Tone & Sculpt’s most dynamic challenge yet!

The Tone & Sculpt 21 day Elevate Challenge 2021
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