How to stay fit and healthy on your summer holiday

There is light at the end of the tunnel as several of us look forward to the hope of a summer holiday!
How to stay fit and healthy on your summer holiday

There is light at the end of the tunnel as several of us look forward to the hope of a summer holiday! Whether that’s a staycation or jetting away on a long awaited trip abroad, the days are getting brighter, the sun is shining and some form of normality is returning. Lockdown has treated all of us very differently and some form of holiday is definitely needed for us to switch off and chill. How to stay fit and healthy over the summer has always been a question from our community and we want to answer it using our approach of a consistent and balanced lifestyle.

Mindset: is it harder to workout over the summer?

You may think longer days, high temperatures, ice cream and social drinks after work make it tough to workout in the summer. Plus, with holidays, eating out and changes in routines, there seems to be a few barriers in the way of developing a consistent summer workout routine. There is some research to suggest the opposite. The exposure to sunlight, the increase in vitamin D can to some extent lead to better cardiovascular performance. The energy intake from the sun can increase our performance. If we look at this from a mindset lens, understanding this should make working out in the summer that little bit easier and doable! However, there are several other things we can do to maintain a consistent approach to working out over the summer.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

To put it quite simply, in the summer our bodies need to release heat to cool down, and that happens through perspiration. The sweat then sits on our skin and sometimes, a hot environment can make it difficult for the sweat to evaporate. Equally, sweat lands on our bodies like water and if we are in a humid climate or unable to cool down at a rate that feels comfortable we can feel increasingly dehydrated, tired and drained. In order to manage the feelings of tiredness and dehydration, you need to drink water. The recommended daily guidance for water is around 2 litres per day. However, there are many days because of work and life that several of us do not reach that target. It’s really, really important you make hydration key in the summer. To do this, we have a few tips and tricks to help!

  • Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere you go: it sounds simple enough, but the more you set up an environment so that water is always there to hand, the more likely you are to drink it (lessons from Krissy’s favourite, Charles Duhig!)
  • Hydrate before you caffeinate: our go to is coffee (we get it!), but make it a habit to have a glass of water before you reach for the espresso! Although coffee does not technically dehydrate you, it can leave you feeling thirsty, especially in the summer (it’s a hot drink with quite a bitter taste!) so best to hydrate first!
  • Use the Tone & Sculpt App water tracker: Our app has an inbuilt water tracker which helps you log your water intake and keep in mind how much water you are drinking. It’s a great way of being mindful of how much water you are actually drinking versus how much water you think you’re drinking.

Workout in the mornings

Mornings are usually cooler in the summer so when it comes to regulating body temperature and feeling ‘comfortable’ with our workouts, you might find it easier to workout in the morning. Plus, like with most morning workouts, you will feel energised, productive and it leaves the rest of your day free to enjoy the sun!

Walking and jogging outside

We want to enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts, whether that be on holiday or at home. Either at sunrise or sunset, use it as an opportunity to get those steps in and enjoy the beautiful weather too. With sunscreen at the ready, take a walk or a jog outside, and enjoy the fresh air! It’s the best part of the summer breeze!

Consistency is key

You may be tempted to skip a workout, sleep in or opt for seeing friends and family instead. All of those feelings are absolutely NORMAL! Of course you should enjoy the summer holidays, eating out with friends and family and lounging around on the beach (the dream!). And, you should do this guilt free.
However, in order to keep anxiety around workouts and keeping fit at bay, be consistent with a few habits:

  • Stay on top of your water intake and keep hydrated throughout the day;
  • Eat your fruit and veg with your meals. For example, try snacking on carrot sticks, cucumber and hummus (a really refreshing snack!); grab a salad to go with your main meal; eat some lovely, fresh fruit with your breakfast;
  • Walking or 10 to 15 minutes of exercise every day is all you need to keep your body agile, feeling fit and healthy on holiday

The most important thing to remember is don’t fill yourself up with guilt. Small, manageable habits are all you need to stay fit and healthy all summer long!

Holidays usually involve more exercise than you think!

We tend to associate exercise with a single, designated workout at a particular point in the day. Whilst this is true, other things are also exercise! You most likely walk a lot more on holiday than you think! Whether that be sightseeing, walking between places, you can clock up an impressive amount of steps. Equally, we don’t ‘just’ sit by the pool. You’re probably swimming quite a bit too! You don’t need to be performing olympic worthy laps, swimming leisurely is movement enough!

Hotel and bodyweight workouts

The Tone & Sculpt App has several bodyweight and home workouts that can be performed anywhere, anytime. There are 15 minute workouts and on demand classes, where you can train with your favourite trainers, Krissy and Danyele, to keep you going! The app is in your pocket and can be taken with you on any holiday and staycation. Plus, with so many alternative exercises, we are sure you’ll find the perfect workout for you!

Summer workouts, fitness and health do not need to be daunting or get in the way of an enjoyable holiday! We are all human and if you’re thinking about your fitness and nutrition when booking a holiday or taking time out over the summer, it can only be a good means you’re on your way to forming habits for life, as our lead trainer, Krissy Cela, says!

‘All or nothing’ and yo-yo dieting

Our understanding of the ‘all or nothing’ approach to fitness and health is what results in inconsistency and yo-yo dieting. So many people work towards a summer holiday and go ‘all out’ with a high volume of workouts and a very strict approach to food intake. This can lead to seeing workouts and food as a ‘chore’ and that is the exact opposite of a balanced lifestyle. A balanced lifestyle all year round should be sustainable. The way you sustain it is by listening to your body and adapting your workouts and food around your lifestyle. For example:

- When on holiday, your workouts may be different and not follow your usual gym or home routine;
- When with friends and family, your food intake may differ;
- When in a hot climate, your workouts may be lighter, shorter or outdoors.

None of this means your workouts or approach to a balanced lifestyle are ‘wrong’ or that you should feel guilty about adapting your exercise regime when on holiday. It means you will be able to maintain and sustain it - and that’s the most important thing!

As opposed to thinking ‘all or nothing’ or, there is a ‘right’ way to always being fit and healthy, listen to your body and exercise in a way that feels manageable and fun. Consistency is key and this is how you will reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle!

Over the summer and when on holiday, just remember to stay hydrated and to listen to your body to find that balance. Some days it might want a brisk walk and a jog, others it might be a 15 minute workout. Either way, your Tone & Sculpt App and community are on hand to help and support you find what works for you!

How to stay fit and healthy on your summer holiday
Zahara Chowdhury

Zahara Chowdhury is an author at Tone & Sculpt

Written on
Nov 04, 2021