Getting Back On Track

Healthy lifestyles are not something that we switch on and off, but rather something we try to implement into our everyday lifestyle to make it a part of our routine!
Getting Back On Track

I wanted to talk to you all about something that's very current for me at the moment, and that's getting back on track! Besides the joy that training and living a healthy lifestyle gives me inside, my main fitness goal is weight loss. I suffered a painful bereavement recently, losing my father, so I had to take a step back away from those goals to try to handle my current situation. There are so many reasons why people take a step back from whatever their goals may be and often the hardest part can be getting back into it again, so I want to share with you my top tips for getting back on track! Let's do this together!

Before I begin, I just want to remind you that taking time away doesn't mean that you have reversed all of your progress. You will still retain the knowledge you had before to make those positive changes again. I often feel like I'm starting from scratch, but the truth is I had already learnt so many valuable habits that I know how to pick up again and I know you will too! Think about how far you've come, how much you've learned already and believe in yourself!

Plan. This is a big one and the most important one for me personally. Planning is key. However, you don't want to create a plan that's not sustainable. For example, I know that if I told myself I was going to be eating chicken, rice & veg seven days a week, I'd never stick to it! I incorporate varied meals and also treats throughout the week to make sure I'm never depriving myself! This also applies to your workouts. Plan your workouts to fit in around your schedule, rather than around what you think you should be doing. If you know committing to five workouts doesn't fit into your lifestyle, you don't have to do that! I also like to plan what workouts I will be doing using the Tone & Sculpt planner. If you have a plan in place, you're far more likely to succeed with it!

Less Pressure. Whilst I do believe there needs to be an element of discipline if you have a specific goal in mind, it's also not helpful to put SO much pressure on yourself. You need to give yourself time and space to get back into those healthy habits, it certainly doesn't happen overnight! I've been working on getting back on track for a few weeks now and finally feel like I'm getting into the swing of things. It really doesn't happen overnight like we wish it would, so adding unnecessary pressure can make the process harder than it needs to be. Enjoy the journey and discover different ways you can improve rather than putting pressure on yourself for not being 'perfect' from the start!

Comparison. This is very important to me as it made all the difference to my mental health when I stopped doing it. The reason I fell so far away from my healthy lifestyle/fitness goals was because I have been dealing with grief, yet all I could see were hundreds of other girls continuing to smash their goals and look in amazing shape and I felt bad that I wasn't the same! Every single person is different and has their own struggles and their own journey. It's not fair to compare (potentially) your chapter one to somebody else's chapter twenty! You have to focus on yourself and what you want to achieve, rather than how well somebody else might be doing. Put all of your energy into yourself because you get out what you put in! Do this for you!

Make it enjoyable. It can feel quite daunting going from eating as much chocolate, cake and pizza as you want to then eating them in moderation, or at least it did for me! I didn't want to suddenly give up the foods I enjoy the most but also wanted to work towards my goal of weight loss. The truth is, you don't have to give anything up! Having treats in moderation is what keeps me going and keeps me motivated to carry on. Some people like to have treats at the weekend and some people like to have a little each day, it's whatever works for you! (I'm a little every day kinda gal... and some on the weekend too!). Mix up your meals, have a few treats and enjoy yourself!

Healthy lifestyles are not something that we switch on and off, but rather something we try to implement into our everyday lifestyle to make it a part of our routine! With that being said, sometimes we lose motivation or we go through difficulties in our lives which have us leaning towards unhealthy habits for long periods of time, so I truly hope my top tips/advice for getting back on track will help you if you've also been struggling! Like I said, it doesn't happen overnight so be patient, be consistent and you will smash it! We're in this together!

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I love to travel, bake, write and of course I love all things health and fitness too! Like a lot of people, I began my fitness journey to get in shape, yet unknowingly I also began a journey of self-love.

I’m very much still on both of those journeys and I hope I can help our amazing community by sharing my experiences, tips and tricks along the way!

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Getting Back On Track
Guest Blogger

Written on
Nov 04, 2021