How has our community helped you build friendships

Ashleigh is the ultimate Tone & Sculpt cheerleader! This incredible woman has the kindest heart and is constantly showing her support to the entire Tone & Sculpt community. Her positivity is like no other, and on top of that her physical and mental transformation is truly inspirational.
How has our community helped you build friendships

Ashleigh is the ultimate Tone & Sculpt cheerleader! This incredible woman has the kindest heart and is constantly showing her support to the entire Tone & Sculpt community. Her positivity is like no other, and on top of that her physical and mental transformation is truly inspirational.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your journey so far.

My name is Ashleigh McKee, I am 21 and I’m from Belfast in Northern Ireland. I found Tone & Sculpt as I had been previously following Krissy’s pdf guides and was so excited when she announced the release of the app. I downloaded the app as soon as it was released and have been using it ever since. I absolutely love it!

My health journey so far has been a bit of a bumpy road…I started off going to the gym in October 2017 but I hated it. I only ever did cardio and the only reason I went was to “burn calories” because I hated how I looked and wanted to lose weight. Thankfully in December 2017 I was introduced to weight training which at the start terrified me, but then I realised I absolutely loved it and the way it made me feel strong. I then started following Krissy shortly after and I loved how inspiring and positive her posts were. I then made the decision to do this fitness journey for me and it wasn’t a quick fix but a lifestyle change and something I actually ENJOYED. It became my happy place and my therapy and has helped me battle through anxiety and times when I felt depressed, yeah the gym wasn’t the place I wanted to be all the time but as soon as I went I felt so much better and felt such a sense of achievement. And I guess that’s how it’s been ever since taking each day at a time but knowing that I have a place I can go to escape and build confidence. I stopped hating myself and my body for everything it couldn’t do and celebrating it for what it could do and used the gym as a way to become physically and mentally stronger each day. Tone & Sculpt has helped with this greatly and I always say Krissy is like a sister to me and her support and kindness has changed my life so to have her workouts in my pocket to be able to take to the gym has been a game changer. Up until this year I was doing the 5 day gym plan but being in final year uni this year I am working non stop so I have started to use the three day option which I absolutely love, because without this I could have all so easily gave up on my fitness journey but the three day option has given me a plan that fits my busy schedule. I cannot wait for what the rest of my fitness journey has to hold but one thing is for sure I will always “do this for me.”

What made you choose Tone & Sculpt over any other app?

I chose Tone & Sculpt because I absolutely adore Krissy and everything she stands for. I love how she supports her clients, spreads positivity and promotes fitness as a “holistic” approach not a quick fix, but a daily habit to change both body and mindset. I love how she was once a busy student so has planned workouts that are designed to be quick and effective and also how she has employed a full time dietician which I completely appreciate as I am in my final year studying dietetics and understand the importance of only taking nutrition advice from a qualified professional. I also love the fact there is a home and gym guide as sometimes when I can’t get to the gym I can still get my workout in at home.

Tell us about your experience with the Tone & Sculpt community.

The Tone & Sculpt community has helped me in so many different ways. It has provided me with a support network of like minded girls all over the world who motivate and inspire me on the daily. It has also provided me with a massive confidence boost as we all support each other and celebrate each others wins and victories as well as give each other a well needed boost if we are having an off day. I’ve honestly never met a community quite like it!

I have made so many friends from Tone & Sculpt!!! It’s so amazing how girls from all different countries and backgrounds can come together as one to support each other! I love my Tone & Sculpt friends with all my heart!
Through being in the Tone & Sculpt community I have built friendships both in the UK and beyond. I love how supportive everyone is and how we all encourage each other. In particular I love the UK ambassadors and got a chance to meet with them at the Tone & Sculpt event in London which was absolutely fab! I loved the event because I also got to meet other like minded girls and have a good old chat with them and have loads of fun! The last time I was over in London at Christmas I also got to meet up with Alicia, one of my Tone & Sculpt friends and got to have a lovely breakfast and chat with her about what we’ve been getting up to since summer. I love the fact that as well as talking to my Tone & Sculpt girls online I’ve also had the chance to meet many of them in person and have such a good time with them outside the app. Literal friends for life!

My favourite memory is definitely the London event when I walked in and saw Leanne and Alicia standing on the stairs! To finally get to meet two of the people who have supported me on this journey and that I truly love was so so special! And then to walk to the top of the stairs and see Rach and Claudia and meet another two people who have supported me since day one just made it all the better.

Do you feel like having the community has impacted your overall experience?

My experience of the app would have still been amazing but I definitely wouldn’t have been as motivated without the support of the Tone & Sculpt community. Sometimes in the gym you can feel alone or find it hard to build friendships as it’s different people there every time you go so I love that the community provides you with girls to not only be friends with but to journey with in your fitness journey.

What piece of advice have taken away since being apart of this community?

The best lesson I have received is probably just to be myself! All the Tone & Sculpt girls are so welcoming and they love me as I am, I don’t have to put on a front or pretend to be something I’m not. They love me at my best and worst and that is simply amazing!

What are your future goals with Tone & Sculpt?

My future goals with Tone & Sculpt is just to continue with getting stronger each and every day. I am also in a cut at the moment so excited to see the results to that but even more excited to see how my mindset and confidence continues to change and grow.

Thank you so much to Ashleigh for sharing your story with us. We would love to hear how this community has helped you on your journey. Comment below and let us know.

How has our community helped you build friendships
Krissy Cela

Co-founder and lead trainer Krissy Cela has designed the Tone & Sculpt home & gym workouts with guides to suit all fitness levels.

Written on
Nov 04, 2021