Low Impact HIIT Exercises You Can Do at Home

If you ever worked out with the Tone and Sculpt app, you know we sometimes get asked whether we want to challenge ourselves a little more with a finisher or stretch right at the end of the workout.
Low Impact HIIT Exercises You Can Do at Home

While the COVID vaccine is finally here, this is far from entirely over. Thus, some people are still stuck at home or choose to stay inside. It almost seems not long ago when we were all free to come and go as we pleased into our gyms. However, now, many gyms are closed or have a set time you can stay.

Most workouts have become a 30 minute to 60-minute appointment. And while 60 minutes is okay for a workout session at the gym, you must consider including a finisher or a quick cardio session right after your weight training to level up your training.

If you ever worked out with the Tone and Sculpt app, you know we sometimes get asked whether we want to challenge ourselves a little more with a finisher or stretch right at the end of the workout. Unfortunately, now it’s harder for some people who cannot either attend their gyms or stay longer than 40 minutes (in my case). So, what can you do?

Well, there’s plenty of things you can do to optimize your weekly dose of cardio, such as walking to your gym instead of taking your car, parking further, using the stairs, and taking those little decisions daily that goes a long way.

Yet, that may not be enough for you, and you may even miss that feeling you get after a sweaty cardio session! And yes, I’m not a cardio person myself, but I’ve learned to miss it during the pandemic. So, here are a few exercises you can make at home that will get your heart rate up, pump your blood, and make you sweat.

So, prep your favourite Netflix series, your favourite podcasts or playlist, and let’s get moving with these 5 exercise ideas you can start implementing right after your workouts at home or after the gym. 

Low impact HIIT cardio exercises you can make at home

1. Quick feet

This Danielle’s patented move will get your heart pumping like crazy! I love quick feet because it works your entire legs, and it can be an easy way to break a sweat at home, even inside a tiny flat!

Start in an athletic position with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hips low. Then push through your heels and run in place quickly. Make sure to stay low throughout the exercise. This exercise is excellent for improving agility and speed, as well as increasing your heart rate.

2. Up N down

Not your Britney song but quite similar! Grab a step and simply go up and down, as if you were going up and down the stairs. If you have stairs at home, you can simply run up and down. To reduce the impact, just make sure to land quietly.

3. Standing Elbow to Knee crunches

A fun way to break a sweat and work your core! This great exercise will work your hip abductors and hip flexors, the abs, obliques, glutes, and upper legs.

Build core stability while pumping your blood! Begin by putting your fingers behind your head and extend your elbows to the sides as you lift your one knee at the time to the opposite elbow. Then repeat with the opposite side.

4. Low impact burpees

Love them or hate them, burpees are a fantastic whole body workout that doesn’t necessarily have to be either taxing on your knees with jumping movements but can be entertaining and performed with lower impact.

To perform this exercise just perform the movement as you normally would a burpee, only instead of the final jump you want to get up using one leg at the time instead of a single jumping movement.

5. Scissors

I suffer from bad knees, so I’m the queen of lower impact moves, and it is, by far, my favourite. It’s fun, it will break a sweat, and it hits your entire legs, booty and, your calves will be on fire.

Stand tall, feet together and arms by your side as your palms face your hips. Then jump up, bringing one leg forwards as you move the opposite arm forward in a scissor motion. Switch sides and continue.


As you can see, it’s possible to have a killer cardio session without going to the gym or having any cardio equipment. So, don't let lockdown or life itself stop you from challenging yourself, taking care of your health and live a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately, you can always find a well-rounded workout plan in your Tone and Sculpt App!

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I was overweight and in terrible shape. I smoked and couldn’t even walk up the stairs without feeling pain and agitated. I suffered from knee problems that would lead to getting a fake knee: But fitness saved my life, my knee, and most importantly, my mental health. After losing 30 kg (66 lbs) through strength training, a healthy diet (I love cooking), and the help of neuroscience & behavioural psychology which helped me build the discipline to stick to my meal and workout plans long enough to see real results.

I not only realised I changed my body completely, but the way I saw the world: My mindset shifted 360º from being a negative person with a victim mentality to becoming a strong, independent woman that sticks to her words and plans and that is completely positive about life.

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Low Impact HIIT Exercises You Can Do at Home
Guest Blogger

Written on
Nov 04, 2021