How to Keep Motivation High During Lockdown

As we all know, this pandemic has gone on long enough and has affected everyone in the world in a variety of ways.
How to Keep Motivation High During Lockdown

As we all know, this pandemic has gone on long enough and has affected everyone in the world in a variety of ways. People have lost jobs, lost loved ones, have been effected by mental health issues, have lost motivation to keep personal health a priority, and so much more. This year has been a whirlwind and has challenged us in so many ways.

One thing I keep seeing, all over the world and in the Tone and Sculpt community, is how easy it has been to lose motivation in our health and fitness goals. Having to be taken away from the gym and stuck in our homes makes it so incredibly difficult. As of this week, the UK is back in a heavy and intense lockdown, which means, gyms are now closed once again which can be incredibly disheartening.

It can be such a let down especially after being able to be let back into the gym and being able to build up our strength and fitness again after the first quarantine. Now it feels as though we are forced back to square one. However, I am here to tell you that just because gyms have closed down doesn’t mean we need to give up our goals and get down on ourselves. We are in this together. ♥

While some of us may feel hopeless and just want to keep up, I want to remind you of 7 ways to keep motivation high and smash those goals!

1. Make Your Health and Fitness An Appointment

When we make appointments and schedule things into our calendar, we don’t often skip them. If you had a doctors appointment you wouldn’t skip it because you just “didn’t feel like it”; treat your fitness and health goals the same way! Schedule in those workouts, meal preps, and self-care times into your week and make them a priority!

They are just as important as any other appointment, if not more so!
There will be no progress if things are skipped, missed, or let go of more often than not. Something as simple as scheduling makes a huge difference in motivation levels and keeps us automatically more accountable and responsible for ourselves.

Make everything an appointment!

2. Connect

As humans, we naturally motivate and inspire each other.
Connecting with the amazing Tone and Sculpt community, loved ones, workout buddies, accountability partners, fitness Facebook groups, health Instagram users, etc. is helpful when it comes to keeping us motivated.

When we talk to others about similar struggles or cheer each other on we are motivational. Knowing you are not alone and someone out there is feeling the same way can be really helpful in pushing us forward.

I could go on and on about how much the Tone and Sculpt community has helped me stay motivated and has been there with me through this journey!
Some of the most incredible and amazing woman!

3. Go Outside

Because of quarantine, it can be really easy to stay inside all day everyday and begin to feel down, depressed, uninspired, hopeless and unmotivated. Going outside and getting fresh air and sunshine is a quick fix!

Just being outside for a few minutes can do such wonders for our mood.
Taking a walk around the block, sitting on your front lawn, or just taking some deep breaths in out your front door immediately will increase your mood and give you a change of scenery which will create more motivation!

Even though it is something so simple, it makes a big difference.

4. Make Your Health and Fitness Activities Your Favorite Things To Do

Get your cutest workout clothes on, drink your favorite pre-workout shake, play music that gets you in your best mood, plan out your favorite workouts, even wear make up if you feel like it, do anything that makes you feel your best!

Make your fitness appointment something you look forward to and something that brings you joy. Making that designated time customised to you is my personal favorite way to boost some motivation.

Write out that workout, get excited about it, make sure your favorite workout outfit is clean before your workout, and turn that music up!
Make it a safe and happy space designed for you! It should be an appointment you look forward to!

5. Set SMART goals

Setting goals is an awesome way to spark some motivation and inspiration! It gives you something to strive for and look forward to. There are many different types of goals, however, SMART goals have been shown to be the most likely achieved.

The acronym SMART, stand for:
S- Specific
M- Measurable
A- Attainable
R- Relevant
T- Time Bound

E.X.- I will squat 80kg by January 15th 2021.

This example is specific since we are talking about a certain exercise and goal, it is measurable as weight is being measured, it is attainable since the person with this goal is experienced with squats, it is relevant to this persons fitness goals, and has a date to be reached by.

Making goals as specific as possible and customised to you make it so the goal is more likely to be achieved. The next step would then be to plan out how you are going to get to your goal!
By creating and planning out goals, you instil motivation within you as there is now something challenging you are working towards.

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Listen, keeping motivation high is not easy, especially in the time we are living in.
If there are days where you feel your body hurting and you may need a rest day, TAKE IT!

Rest days are so important and do so much for ourselves. It is important to remember that motivation is usually something that comes and goes.
It is your responsibility to recognise that, and do what needs to be done to control these motivation highs and lows.

7. Reach goals for YOU!

This is the most important thing to be reminding yourself throughout these times in life.
As Krissy always says, “What is your WHY?”.
Really think about it, write it out, and make it a mantra to yourself.

Remind yourself daily of why you have goals, what you want for yourself, and why you are doing this. Everyone’s reason can be different and it is important to solidify your own WHY. This is what will keep you going and keeping that fire lite inside of you!

This is about you, your goals, and being the main character in your life!

Smash those workouts, meal preps, self-care practices, and do this for YOU! I hope these 7 things can help you build your motivation back up during this incredibly challenging time. We are coming out of this quarantine powerful and stronger than ever!

There are thousands and thousands of workouts on the Tone and Sculpt app that will keep your workouts fun, different, yet challenging! Just using the planner in the app instantly gets me motivated for the week ahead!

We are so proud of you, keep shining sis. ★

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My main goal in life is to educate, spread positivity & motivation, as well as emphasise the importance of our bodies and minds. I dream of a world where everyone's brightest and truest selves thrive and are seen.

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How to Keep Motivation High During Lockdown
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Written on
Nov 04, 2021