Power with Danyele Wilson: Home & Gym Guide

Danyele Wilson, a world-class trainer and coach joined the Tone & Sculpt app in November 2020 and we couldn’t have been more excited!
Power with Danyele Wilson: Home & Gym Guide

Danyele Wilson, a world-class trainer and coach joined the Tone & Sculpt app in November 2020 and we couldn’t have been more excited! The Tone & Sculpt community have soaked up Danyele’s high performing, elite and athletic training style and every single one of her athletes fully embody the mindset she trains everyone with: never, ever, ever settle. As ever the true athlete, Danyele never fails to deliver and we couldn’t be more proud to bring you Danyele’s new and improved gym and home guides: Power with Danyele.

Power with Danyele

Two separate guides with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels for home and the gym will have you going from strength to strength in mind and body, with Danyele’s expert training style guiding you every step of the way. In true Tone & Sculpt style and our commitment to our community, Danyele has listened to your feedback and monitored the progress of her workouts over the past year. Now, after her workouts have been completed thousands of times, Danyele has fully revamped her guides to train you so you can achieve a limitless sense of power in both mind and body. With a combination of cardiovascular, mobility development and performance based training, Power with Danyele workouts coach you like an athlete.

The Workouts

Starting with zero-impact, joint friendly and solid foundations, the beginner and intermediate guides help you discover your physical and mental power. Danyele’s workouts are uniquely designed with ultimate performance in mind; she wants you to feel strong, powerful and complete every workout to beyond 100% output - the structure of each workout reflects this output.

Every stage of Danyele’s workouts has been fully revamped and revised. With 16 weeks of brand new workouts and 150 new movements, Power with Danyele will have you excelling, physically and mentally, with a true athletes’ mindset.

The workout programme will allow you to choose a 3-day or 5-day workout split, regardless of where you choose to begin.

Beginner Phase

Joint-friendly, low-impact and minimal equipment, the home guide can be completed anywhere in your home or garden. The gym guide requires foundational gym equipment which can be found at nearly all gyms. This phase will include a lower-body strength, upper-body strength, full-body, mobility, core and conditioning workout split.

Intermediate & Advanced Phase

A brand new set of workouts and exercises designed to make you feel your most powerful and dynamic. Combining full body, lower-body and upper body strength workouts, along with power-mobility and even more core and conditioning, the intermediate and advanced stages will challenge you and leave you feeling at your best!

Go be Great Today!

Danyele’s workouts are a learning journey too, with the aim of making you feel even better than yesterday, every day! Her workout guides will teach you how to train in supersets, tri-sets, pyramid sets - all workout styles where you combine resistance training in a number of ways:

  • Super-set: a combination of 2 exercises, completed back to back with no rest.
  • Tri-set: a combination of 3 exercises, completed back to back with no rest.
  • Pyramid set: one exercise, where you vary the resistance depending on the number of repetitions (for example, you may complete 12 reps at a lighter resistance and 4 reps at your max resistance).

...And there is so much more to look forward to!

Danyele wants you to find joy in exercise. Finding and training your power can be uncomfortable, but it can be enjoyable, exhilarating and of course, empowering. Get ready to ENJOY everything your body is capable of, and be pleasantly surprised by it too!

Join now at www.toneandsculpt.app - we can’t wait to welcome you into our familia of athletes!

Power with Danyele Wilson: Home & Gym Guide
Tone & Sculpt Team

Written on
Nov 09, 2021