Things to Bring to the Gym as Lockdown Eases

Staying safe is our priority and whilst we are so happy that gyms are starting to open, you may have several questions around public health and safety. This gym guide will provide you with guidelines on what is essential in your return to the gym.
Things to Bring to the Gym as Lockdown Eases

With lockdown easing after the Coronavirus' outbreak, public places are following guidelines and doing everything they can to ensure we feel comfortable and safe returning to some form of normalcy. However, we don’t blame you if you still feel slightly uncomfortable venturing into life as we knew it - or a very different version of it.

Staying safe is our priority and whilst we are so happy that gyms are starting to open, you may have several questions around public health and safety:

What are the gym essentials I need?

Your gym should provide guidelines for what you may or may not need to take with you. Don’t hesitate to email, call and ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable - gyms are supportive environments and can’t wait to welcome you back!

However, to put your mind at rest, we think it will be useful if you packed:

- A breathable mask
- Hand sanitizer
- Disposable hand towels/personal towel
- A bottle of water
- Wipes
- Post workout snack

As much as gyms will be fully equipped, we know personal hygiene and social distancing are key to preventing Covid-19.

If you use your phone for the Tone & Sculpt app, or any other workout guide, be sure to wipe down your phone with a wipe before and after your workout. Also:

- Apply hand sanitizer before and after using each piece of equipment.
- Wipe down each piece of equipment thoroughly before and after your workout to help your fellow gym buddies too.
- Stay hydrated using your own filled water bottle (as opposed to the water fountains that may be available).
- If required, where a breathable mask
- Take a post workout snack as your usual gym cafe may be inaccessible.

Do I need to wear a mask? If so, what mask is best at the gym?

Your gyms and local areas will advise with regards to masks, however it might be worth packing a breathable mask just in case. The WHO offer plenty of advice and guidance for any of your questions about masks.

Can I train how I used to?

This depends on your training routine during the lockdown period, the equipment you have had access to and how you are feeling in yourself. If you haven’t lifted any weights in a few months, it is advisable that you build your strength back up and we have the perfect solution for this: our BACK TO ACTION guide! An 8 week comprehensive training guide taking you through specific workouts to get you back into gym life and training the way you love!

Equally, lockdown has also been a time of reflection and you have learnt to train in a different way. Think about what you have enjoyed and what you haven’t and tailor your training to suit you!

Can I go to a gym class?

Your gym will ensure that classes (where running) are safe for you to attend. It is best to check with your local gym and government guidelines to support you further.

Should I wear any specific clothing?

Clean, washed and fresh gym kit for every workout is best in general. You may find you recycle outerwear such as jumpers and hoodies. However, it may be best (especially if there is limited access to lockers and changing rooms) to wear what you need to the gym and wash everything after each visit to the gym.

Where gyms have public pools, separate rules and guidelines will be distributed accordingly and it is best to follow the advice of your local centre.

Important things to bear in mind:

Allow for more time. As you may find yourself using more limited equipment or sanitizing equipment before and after your workout, bear in mind this will take a little more time than usual. You may need to adjust your workout (and the Tone & Sculpt app has plenty of alternatives) or allow more time to workout.

Plan your workout schedule. Some gyms may be limiting the number of people using the facilities at a time. With this in mind, you may need to be flexible with your workout schedule and ensure you maximise each workout at the gym. The 3 day gym plan may be optimal for this or the BACK TO ACTION gym guide may help you structure your workout schedule accordingly.

Be socially distant. Gyms are great in that equipment is placed well, however sometimes when you’re engrossed in your workout, you forget where you are. Be mindful of where you are completing your workout and respect that some people around you (including yourself) may feel a little more cautious and want to maintain a certain level of distance. This is the right thing to do and it might mean you have to be flexible with how and when you use the equipment available

Overall, we know that gyms across the world will do everything they possibly can to make sure your workouts are effective and you feel comfortable and at ease as you train. This is a tricky time for everyone and if we can all ensure we are well informed about accessibility, we work together and respect hygiene and socially distancing rules, there is no reason why we can’t go back to enjoying our gym workouts!

Let us know if you have any questions or advice for our community members, or tips and tricks you’ve picked up yourself as you return to gym workouts!

Things to Bring to the Gym as Lockdown Eases
Zahara Chowdhury

Zahara Chowdhury is an author at Tone & Sculpt

Written on
Nov 04, 2021