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Melissa Kendter

About me

Hi, I'm Melissa!

Tone & Sculpt official trainer, Melissa Kendter, has designed her Commit programme to challenge all fitness levels. Melissa's mantra is "it's is a beautiful day to move our bodies", as she believes that everyday movement should be cherished and is vital for the health of our bodies and mind. With a background in athletics and sport, moving her body always came naturally to Melissa, and as she witnessed people around her suffering with certain ailments, she understood the importance of movement as a form of medicine. She wanted to understand the human body better and continued her studies as a functional training specialist.

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My story

I’ve always loved sports, starting with football from an early age. I loved being outdoors, running, playing and staying fit. I couldn’t imagine life without it, and as I got older I saw friends and family members fall ill and suffer from a variety of physical ailments, diseases, preventing them from exercising.

I delved into human body science, determined to find ways to help people recover.

I became a qualified functional training specialist and have spent the last decade of my career showing people that learning to move your body can be the dose of medicine we all need to support a long and healthy life.

Fitness isn’t just my career, it’s my mission to help individuals feel and be their very best, whatever each day may bring - and I won’t stop until I’ve reached as many women as possible!

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