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Kayla's Transformation
Kayla's Transformation
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Trainer: Krissy, Danyele
Guide: Sculpt it, Home guide

As of January I have been using the Tone and Sculpt App for a full year now. I originally started the program by doing Krissy's gym program, however in March much like the rest of the world we were put into lockdown and the gyms closed. In April Krissy released the Sculpt it guide. I loved that program. I loved that I only needed to commit four days a week for 30 minutes tops. I loved it. I did the sculpt it program right up until December. Come December I had just finished phase 2 for the second time.

After doing the Sculpt it guide for 8 months I figured it was time to switch things up. I was starting to lack motivation after having my routine be the same for so long. It was a perfect time to try Danyele's program. Being a former athlete myself I was really excited for the change in pace, and to bring me back to my old roots. Because I hadn't trained with Danyele before I decided to start with her 4 week beginner program. I can't help but laugh when I say beginner because that was hard! But oh so rewarding!

Pooja's Transformation
Pooja's Transformation
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Trainer: Krissy
Guide: Sculpt it

My name is Pooja and I started with Tone & Sculpt in May 2020.
I did the sculpt it guide from May-October and then switched to gym guide! I truly felt so stuck and hated the way I looked last spring. I ate when I was stressed, I felt uncomfortable in the majority of my clothes and never wore sleeveless or bikinis.

I was tired of feeling this way and decided to make a change in my life. I don’t weigh myself but I take monthly progress pictures to help me track changes.
I am so proud to see all the body changes thanks to this app + proper nutrition and I can’t thank y’all enough!


Best fitness app ever!!! 💙💙

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This app has literally changed my life.
I have been working out since couple of years and I did lose a lot of weight but I gained it back after a while.

Thanks to this app and Krissy who I truly love I have strengthen a lot and I finally feel good about myself.

I still feel lazy sometimes and unmotivated but whenever I go onto the community page it always, always brings me the motivation to get up. It’s not just guides you, challenges you but gives you all the support you need for fitness and nutrition.

If you are looking for fitness help and community then you have found the best one because tone and sculpt is the best one!!!! If you purchase this app you will not regret it for sure, if you cannot afford to pay then go on instagram and follow the Tone and Sculpt page and KRISSY CELA, you can find many workouts on her page for free and it truly helps.

If you are not sure that you wanna purchase it or not then just go on those two pages and see the workouts. 💙💙

Made me love fitness.

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Before I found Krissy and this app, I wasn’t into fitness at all.

I would workout some times, without a plan or structure and didn’t see any results. When I found Krissys workouts and this app it changed my life.

It made me fall in love with fitness, working out and being active. It made me see fitness as a lifestyle and not a chore or something ‘I have to do’.

Now I enjoy working out and love being active, and it’s all thanks to Krissy who made me have a different outlook on fitness and a healthy lifestyle. I’ve being using t&s for over a year now and I can’t thank this team enough.

I’ve seen progress in myself not only physically but mentally too.

I just love this app and community 💙

Transformed my body in 12 weeks only!

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Zainab G

Seriously it's the best app I've ever purchased!

Learned a lot about nutrition and working out... A very flexible app since you can download the workout, you can have an alternative of each exercise, spot training, HIIT, and much more!

Highly recommended.

This app isn't just a workout guide, it's a community

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Josee B

This app is amazing, if you're considering changing your life to a healthier and happier one you are 100% in the right place.

I can't even think of anything negative to say about it!

New workouts are posted all the time and I believe they're even adding another trainer 😀 there's so much versatility to the programs, I've done both home and gym guides and saw real results with both.

It's really the best thing ever!

The absolute best thing that happened to me!

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This app is so so fabulous, so user friendly, so motivating, best trainers, great exercises for every level.

There are so many variations for exercises that seem slightly harder. The challenges are fabulous. The trainers are fabulous. There aren't enough words to describe the positive impact this app has. A big shout out to Krissy for creating something so extraordinary. ❤

A Life Changing App

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Klaire M

Krissy and the Tone & Sculpt team has incredibly impressed me and my expectations. When I started to download the app, all I wanted was to change that number on the scale.

But this app has given me hope, determination, perseverance and amazing opportunities for myself I could’ve never imagined. Tone & Sculpt has not only given me the motivation to do regular exercises but to always remember why I am doing what I do - it is to do this for me, to invest in myself - for my health and well-being.

It has made me LOVE fitness, to get up early in the morning to move, to do something for my body, to get rid of all my excuses and focus on what matters most to me.

This app has changed my life! I love how flexible the app is, the variety of options that caters for all abilities, body types and looks out for every single person’s lifestyle. I honestly cannot fault this app, all it does is to excel and get better and better. Also, it is the only app I’ve ever come across that has so much compassion for others and has built such an amazing community of like-minded, positive and inspirational women💙👏🏽

We need more people in this world like the Tone & Sculpt team!

It changed my life, and me.

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Since starting my fitness journey, I can’t tell you how I’ve grown (and my muscles too ;)). This amazing app built by the amazing Krissy, has built my confidence to levels that I never thought I could achieve. As someone who has struggled with mental health, it’s made me appreciate myself and the world around me.

I feel so much more confident in myself, my body and in being around others. The tone and sculpt community is great! You can connect with others that are on the same path as you, which makes you feel less alone in your journey.

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who played a part in creating this incredible app because you have changed my life and so many others!